Farm Council to debate Greening the CAP

A press conference on agricultural issues will be organised at the end of the second day of meeting before lunch (+/-12.30 Brussels time). This website will be updated with the outcome of the meeting and our analysis for the prospects soon after that. Meanwhile the public section of the debate and the press conference can be followed by video streaming:

The public events and the press conferences in the Farm Council can be followed at, and there will be video coverage of the event on .

The Select Committee concluded that greening, in terms of greater environmental benefits is a laudable aim for the Commission. But the weight of evidence they received suggested that the Commission’s proposed measures are poorly designed.

The Select Committee concluded that there is little evidence that the proposals will deliver significant environmental benefit. They also risk reducing the competitiveness and productivity of EU farmers.

The committee fouind that UK farmers have delivered significant environmental improvement through agri-environment schemes and said “the Government must ensure that those benefits are not diluted by the imposition of mandatory ‘greening’ measures that would create perverse
and contradictory outcomes.”

Select committee report: