Principal consultant Peter Fane has been advising farmers, trade bodies and agri-business professionals on all aspects of European policy for over 20 years. He is a surveyor and agricultural consultant with extensive practical experience of agriculture and estate management.

Prior to establishing Eurinco, Peter was Director of the British Agricultural Bureau, the Brussels office of the UK Farmers’ unions and farm co-operatives in the 1990s.

Peter has worked as a surveyor in both private and public sectors, and is a former Director of the RICS Land Group, where he was responsible for rural, environmental and other professional groups. He is retained to advise the RICS on public policy issues, and is the principal author of the RICS “Rural Vision for the CAP” as well as briefings for rural members on renewable energy.

He was a board member of the Government’s former Countryside Agency. He chaired the Agency’s Landscape, Access and Recreation division and was Deputy Chair of the Agency at the time of its abolition in 2006.

He grew up on a family farm, and was a partner in the business for 20 years. He then owned a small arable farm in Suffolk, which was farmed by a neighbour on a contract farming arrangement until December 2012.


Eurinco has advised on renewable energy policy from its outset in 1997, helping clients to identify emerging business opportunities, sometimes before the relevant directives and commitments were reflected in UK incentives.

We have also established a sister company, in collaboration with other farm business consultants around England, which assesses the full range of renewable energy options for farmers and land managers and helps them to implement suitable options.


Eurinco does not undertake ‘lobbying’ in the conventional sense, although we monitor developments in the European Parliament and keep in close touch with MEPs from a number of countries.

We can, however, help to broker solutions, and have recently (2012) helped clients to set up meetings with the relevant units in DG Agri of the European Commission to discuss ways of meeting the objectives of the proposals on ‘Greening pillar1’ of the CAP, while reducing the impact on farm competitiveness.

We also set up meetings for clients with MEPs, including those from other member states.

Peter Fane

Principal consultant Peter Fane

The suggestions we discussed with the Commission in 2012 – in particular the inclusion of energy crops within the proposed EFA (ecologicakl focus areas) are now reflected in the proposed amendments contained in the Danish Presidency report on CAP negotiations (June 2012) – though we make no claims to have influenced the Council directly.

Similarly, the discussions we held with the Commission on making part or all of the EFA tradable (as set-aside was when first introduced) are now being picked up in other parts of Europe. If accepted, this could considerably reduce the impact of the proposals on the most intensive arable farmers.

Eurinco has also worked with trade associations in UK to secure significant changes in the way CAP is implemented, for instance helping to secure a hybrid system for single farm payments in 2003/04. The fact that payments are no longer on a historical basis in England now means that it may be possible for existing entitlements to be ‘rolled over’, rather than a completely new system of entitlements which would be needed 2014 onwards in Scotland, where payments remain on a historical basis.

Eurinco works closely with the principal trade associations in Europe, but can help clients to address particular concerns which may not be widely shared by the farming sector more generally.

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